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Simple Elegance III


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Exude style with our Butterfly Abayas Online

Plain but not boring ...This is the perfect item for ladies who are looking to wear a completely black and extremely loose fitted abaya. It has a cloak like feel made with light black material which is ideal for warmer weather. It can also be used for cooler weather as layers can be worn underneath since the cut is so generous. There is an inch (approx) trimming on the outer edges in Sheer material which is completely black and a variation on the design of our original Simple Elegance abaya. The trimming also runs around the neck line all the way down at the front of the abaya. Elegance with simplicity!

  • Sleeves and body are one piece giving it a wing effect
  • Light weight material, extremely comfortable to wear
  • Loose Fitted
  • No Sheila included
  • Due to the sheer edges, the length of this abaya is an inch longer than standard length
  • Please note: the pattern on the trimmings will change according to latest UAE trend. Please Get in Touch if you would like to see the pattern before purchasing. The style of abaya will remain the same.

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