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Glamour-esq Farasha


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Our beautiful Glamour-esque abaya is now available in a Farasha. Cosy, comfort and super stylish, this abaya combines materials wonderfully and is perfect for both work and home. The abaya is made from a rich nadha material that exudes quality. The cuffs of the abaya are made from a soft jersey material that sit snuggly on the wrists. The pleated neck detail is seemingly simple yet chic. The rich material and the wide cut makes the abaya extremely comfortable to wear. .

  • Light weight material, extremely comfortable to wear
  • This farasha has a belt inside for a tighter fit
  • Matching scarf included
  • Closed Farasha

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  • Our normal return poilcy does not apply to sale stock. Due to the amazing prices we are offering you we cannot accept returns unless the abaya is not as described.

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