Our Story

Despite the boom in Islamic and ‘modest fashion’ retailers over the last few years, we continued with the struggle to find abayas that ticked all the boxes. We wanted modesty and style, reasonable prices and quality. We wanted something different.

When we realised that other sisters were struggling with the same issues, the seed for Abaya Central was sown.

Our unwavering belief and determination that we could provide such abayas has enabled us to bring high quality, fashion forward, modest and practical abayas to sisters all over the world, Alhamdulillah.

All our abayas are:

  • Cut to a modest silhouette and made of fabrics that flow not cling;
  •  Easy to care for and comfortable to wear;
  • Tried and tested by the AC team before bringing them to the market;
  • Designed in conjunction with trends from around the globe.

We set up AC to provide a solution to a problem and this passion to help and support our sisters runs through the core of our business.

We continue to address issues that may affect sisters by sharing guides, tips and stories as well as details of our charity projects.

For the latest updates, join the sisterhood and get connected with us on social media. We love hearing from our followers.

To all our sisters from all your sisters at AC – join the sisterhood by subscribing to our blog and getting connected on social media.  We hope we can go on this journey, to make quality, beautiful abayas available to everyone, together! Insha’Allah!

Why Choose Us?

Value for Money

We endeavour to provide you the very best quality at the very best price

Very Best Customer Service

We are here to answer your questions and support you abaya purchase

Working hard for you

We work with efficiency end we work effectively.  Buy with confidence.

International Delivery

We deliver worldwide!  All our deliveries are tracked so you never have to worry.

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