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as Salam 3lykum , how are hope your doing well I received the abaya with the head scarf :) today it is soooooooooooooooooooo beautiful thank you soooooooooo much god bless you!!!

Hanan R - North Carolina -

Abaya(s): Exquisite Black,

my lil sis recieved her abaya today, and she was thrilled!!!! mashAllah!! the brown and gold crystals were glistening in the room! i just couldnt take my eyes off it!! the wrapping was gorgeous with a cute ribbon and captivating styled note, she felt very privileged indeed!!! i was soooo tempted to steal it off her!!!! jzk for ur hard work i could see all your efforts pouring out, mashAllah!!!! SUCH A BARGAIN!!!

Rafia Beg - London -

Abaya(s): Something Different,

I purchased the peacock abaya about 2 weeks ago in size 56. I am pleased with the purchase in terms of the price and quality of product. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the abaya as usually a ph...oto cannot give a complete picture of the actual item. I really like the design as it is not too extravagant and I can wear it on daily errands or for a gathering. The crystals are very black and reflective which makes the design look beautiful and twinkly especially in the evening. The other thing that I like about this abaya is the material. It is very silky but the material is not too heavy and feels very luxurious.

Sister Umm K - London -

Abaya(s): Peacock,

I delightfully received the abaya today n IT WAS ULTRA STUNNING, MASHALLAH!!! My older sis might order the black and gold one nxt wk!! thank u sooo much!!! i adore it and makes me feel really magical!! xxxxxxxxxxx also i 4got to add, the price was a BARGAIN!!!! will not get it that cheap anywhere!!!!!!

Guylian Beg - London -

Abaya(s): Just Glamour,

Asalaamualaikum, this abaya I bought recently is really great and Im very happy with my choice. It's simple, but the beautiful crystals on sleeve make it stand out. The abaya material flows well and is good quality maashaAllah. Wasalaam

F. Vohra -

Abaya(s): Peacock,

I purchased 4 abayas from you last week and I just wanted to thank you for your first class service. The abayas are beautiful and of excellent quality. I will be recommending you to all my family and friends. Once again sincere thanks for taking your time to help me choose the right abayas for me and for your prompt delivery and extremely professional yet personable service.

F. Ahmed -

Abaya(s): Floral Square,

jazakallah yes I love my Abaya & wil be ordering again insha Allah x

Ammara -

Abaya(s): ,

I am very pleased with my abaya! Very good fit and comfortable, and excellent service - I ordered on Sunday and it came by Tuesday. Thank you for your excellent service, I will definitely be recommending you all to my friends

faaiza -

Abaya(s): Satin Black,

I've received the abaya this morning. MasyaAllah, it was beautiful! I love it :) the ribbon on the packaging is a nice touch. Thanks

Iylia -

Abaya(s): Double Cream,

My experience with AC has been great and the service I received was very professional and prompt and they were more than willing to help with any queries I had. The abayas I purchased are lovely and of a very good quality. I look forward to seeing more from AC! Jzk!

S. Akhtar -London -

Abaya(s): Just Glamour, Golden Umbrella, Paisley Dream, Aztec,

Those abayas are just NICE!!! i love them!

Atiqah - Hamphire -

Abaya(s): Sporty Chic, Snow Fall,

The abaya was perfect, and I received numerous comments on its style and cut from my hosts on a recent business trip to Riyadh...Thank you again... Best wishes,

Ms. G. Togher -

Abaya(s): Elegant Comfort,

Wallah they are so beautiful, I recommended for other muslimas. Thank you for the good service

J.Musa -

Abaya(s): Fusion, Laced Gold,

Assalamualaikum. I would just like to say I've recieved my parcel. The abaya's are beautiful and you packed them up so pretty. Jazakallahukhair

S. Mulla -

Abaya(s): ,

Good morning, I have just picked up my beautiful Abaya. The packaging was lovely, and the postman commented on the amazing way it was wrapped. It fits perfectly and thank you for the personalised message. This has been a wonderful experience buying my first Abaya, and look forward to wearing it. Thank you so much.

L.Brant - Liverpool -

Abaya(s): Efflorescence,

To AC I got my package today. I like them so much :) may be I will order abaya again soon. thank u :)

H- Malaysia -

Abaya(s): ,

Hi Just to say thank you for sending my abaya ...lovely and fits perfect. Kind Regards

Farah -UK -

Abaya(s): Classic Black ,

Thats my favourite abaya. Everyone loves it when i wear it!

S.Mulla -

Abaya(s): Black Pearl,

Abayas received and very nice fabric just a little short but wonderful, my friends love it. Postage and packaging were really impeccable. I am really pleased, Thank you,

C Q -

Abaya(s): Classically Magenta, Mocha Luster,

Abayas arrived today, absolutely lovely thank you!

Chantel Ma -

Abaya(s): Glamour-esque , Turquoise Dream,

This is a princess abaya. I would call it a princess abaya :)

--- -

Abaya(s): Classically Blush,

I love the material. I have saved this abaya for special ramadaan gatherings. JazakAllah khair

Farhat -

Abaya(s): Glamour-esque ,

I ordered a gorgeous batch of abayas from this company and was absolutely thrilled ! What I love is that each abaya is unique and perfect for all occasions. The shape is so modest and you don't have the headache of keep on checking if it's too tight or revealing from anywhere ! Its smart and you feel so elegant ! I literally live in those abayas ! Would also like to add the quality is fantastic and its lasts for a very long time ! Also, I love the way the abayas are packed with style and elegance ! Thank you abayacentral ! Xxxxxx

Rehma.R.Beg - London -

Abaya(s): Golden Bee, Classically Blush, Classically Magenta, Silver Sugar,

I got this beautiful abaya for eid. Its simply elegant, not to bright and not too simple, perfect for eid weddings and parties. Received compliments! the fabric is beautiful and the fall of the material is lovely.I would highly recommend it esp for occasions where you want to feel like a princess. Thank you

A.Saeed - London -

Abaya(s): Silver Sugar,

Thank you so much it arrived today and it's very good quality! Eid Mubarak

C. Mathurin - London -

Abaya(s): OH MY! ,

Yes I have received it and the little personalized letter with the gift was very cute. The abaya was not what I expected it to look like but it was still nice. Thank you for having good costumer service!

K Sal - Texas -

Abaya(s): Mocha Luster,

Salam Just a quick word to thank you for my abaya. It has arrived yesterday and I'm loving the material. However I'm finding it a tad long as it drags on the floor seeing as im slightly short, other than that I love it, it's very lightweight. Again thank you

Ms. Meriem L -

Abaya(s): Classicly Umbrella,

Asalaam alaykum Alhumdullilah just recieved the grey one today! Its beautiful masha'Allah. I can tell you have put a lot of effort into the design. I have almost every colour in that design now :) i love the cut as it is modest but still have a bit of shape to it. The belt is a great addition although i never tie it so its as lose as possible. Just waiting for you to get navy blue but not too dark that it looks black and a burgundy redish color insha'Allah! I also love how you wrap the abayas in ribbon and the lovely gold bag. When i see that i know its from your company :) Walaykum asalaam Safia x

Safia -

Abaya(s): Classically Grey Abaya, Classically Taupe, Classically Olive, Classically Dark Brown, Classically Purple 1,

Ok jzkh for your reply ???? , I have recived my abaya today , its black with pink flowers size 60 , mashAllah very happy about everything , size and material is extra nice , confortable , looks amaizing excpecially for ocasions or Eid , thank you very much , happy to buy more from you ??

A.Yasharevich -

Abaya(s): ,

selam aleykum , I have recived my new abayas , mashAllah its very nice very light material special for summer :).... happy to buy again

A.Yasharevich -

Abaya(s): Classically Dark Brown,

salam alaykom I just received teh abaya i was blown away by the quality . i liked it so much . Thank you so much !

Wehbe N -

Abaya(s): Grey Linen & Lace,

JazakAllah for such a prompt service! Received my abaya a short while ago looks amazing, just what I wanted understated but classy! May Allah SWT give you more blessing in your business. Thanks

S. Patel -

Abaya(s): O.M.Gee,

Aslm, Iíve received my order today. And I want to say a HUGE thank you, am so happy. The material is light weight and comfy... perfect for Mauritius! The designs are all elegant! And the special touch .. handwritten note and how the abayas are rolled and tied with a nice ribbon.. itís just all perfect !! Iím very impressed Masha Allah !! Keep up the excellent work !! :)

Z Malleck - Mauritius -

Abaya(s): ,